A Theory, Process and Demonstration of Christ-Centered Inner Freedom.

The Teaching Manual and Video Presentations are designed to help you help others with tried and true processes. This methodology is an integration of Christian principles, Biblical truths, Inner-Healing of the soul and Narrative Therapy.

The Teaching Manual

The Teaching Manual is the fruit of 20 years of coming to know Jesus personally and learning about His healing power. It provides 195 pages of theory and processes including scripts, prayers and helpful teachings for your clients.
To download the Teaching Manual click hereAdobe Acrobat PDF File.

Training Videos

The Training Videos on this page provide 5 hours of seminar training to complement the Training Manual. The materials are designed to help you learn how to counsel Christ-Centered Inner-Healing to others.

To view any of the presentations available, click on the appropriate part listed below and the video will display in the player at the bottom of the page. Click the ‘Play’ button at the centre of the video player to begin playback. Once the video begins, move your mouse over the player to bring up controls to pause, rewind and jump forward.  You can also change the volume or make the player zoom to fill the whole screen using the icon at the extreme bottom right of the player.

“I encourage you to learn from this material and see for yourself how profound the change for your clients can be. As well, use this material to train gifted counselors in your church to help the hurting. Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted, to free the captives, to lead people out of the darkness and to replace despair and and mourning with gladness and priase. Watch your faith grow as Jesus works with your clients to provide mental and emotional healing.”

 Alfred C.W. Davis

We go to heaven by faith in Jesus Christ, and by our belief that he is the Son of God, and by God’s grace, not by works, striving and our own human performance.

— Wisdom and Truth # 6
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