A person is worth more than his/her mistakes.
We should not confuse worth with mistakes.
In fact, mistakes are our friend,
because that is how we learn and get better.

Wisdom and Truth # 20

Jealousy is wanting to hold onto what you have and not share it.
Envy is the desire to have what another person possesses.

Wisdom and Truth # 19

The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” is a lie.
In reality, it is names and words that will hurt you, and forever, unless they are confronted with Truth.

Wisdom and Truth # 18

We are to use our minds as a fountain of love,
Not as a weapon to defend, attack, gain advantage or win.

Wisdom and Truth # 17

Fear is an imagination, about the future, where God’s Truth is not present.
When you pray, invite Jesus into your fearful thoughts about the future.
Ask Him to reveal his Truth to you related to your specific thinking.
Listen to his Truth. Accept His Truth.
And that specific Truth will drive your fear away.

Wisdom and Truth # 16

Truth without Grace is judgment. It is a legalistic, impersonal, rule of law devoid of relationship and the warmth of love. Truth needs Grace.

Wisdom and Truth # 15

Grace without Truth is license. It is a directionless freedom to do whatever one wants without discipline, order or responsibility. Grace needs Truth.

Wisdom and Truth # 14

Just as gardeners plant and water seeds, and God produces the flower and the fruit, Doctors cut, clean, extract and set, and then God does the healing. The fruit of all healing comes from God.

Wisdom and Truth # 13

Let God be the judge.
Stop judging and let go.
Our job is to forgive, not judge.

Wisdom and Truth # 12

I have never experienced a negative outcome after giving somebody
a selfless gift,
a cup of water,
a piece of honest praise,
or, after loving somebody unconditionally.

Wisdom and Truth # 11

You cannot relate to others in the past or in the future. All relationships exist in the present. That is where love is – Love is in the present.

Wisdom and Truth # 10

Comparrogance is the single most destructive influence in all human relationships. The progressive steps of comparrogance include
1) Comparing
2) Competing
3) Judging
4) Believing, with arrogant superiority, that you are better than others.

Comparrogance, the negative aspect of pride, occurs about every fifteen minutes throughout the day. It can be stopped where it begins – when you find yourself comparing – stop.

Wisdom and Truth # 9

There is a paradox that humility and high self-esteem are not only compatible, But they are a necessary and beautiful combination of human traits. The challenge is to have high self-confidence and be humble at the same time.

Wisdom and Truth # 8

The peace that is beyond all understanding comes from the Prince of Peace. Peace comes when you receive Jesus’ Truth in your soul and accept it. What you accept in your soul significantly affects your state of well-being.

Wisdom and Truth # 7

We go to heaven by faith in Jesus Christ, and by our belief that he is the Son of God, and by God’s grace, not by works, striving and our own human performance.

Wisdom and Truth # 6

God’s perfect and everlasting love does not depend on our performance.
It is an unconditional gift. Receive God’s gift and don’t question it. Rest in his gift of love.

Wisdom and Truth # 5

Without light, all we have is darkness.
Jesus and his Truth is the light of the world.
“Moses brought the law, but Jesus brought grace and truth.’ John 1:3
“But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light.” John 3:21

Wisdom and Truth # 4

To win without the other person’s involvement is not a win at all, but rather, an invitation for an unplanned consequence called resentment.

Wisdom and Truth # 3

The brain works by the following principles:
• Use it or lose it

Wisdom and Truth # 2

Evil is defined as malignant narcissism or aggressive selfishness. Agape love is the opposite. It is unconditional, selfless, sacrificial serving. As they say at Rotary International, “Service above self.”

Wisdom and Truth #1